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Date published: 
Monday, July 30, 2012

Alan Spacek, Mayor of Kapuskasing, was acclaimed as President of the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities (FONOM) for another tern and vowed to take aim at the Province’s recent downloading’ of responsibility for nuisance bears from the Ministry Resources to local Police Services.

“Our Executive agreed that FONOM should make a Delegation to the Minister of Natural Resources at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario Conference in August concerning the shifting of responsibility for nuisance bears to local municipalities and police when neither are trained in wild life management” stated Spacek. “We have concerns that this short-sighted, newly introduced provincial policy could create unsafe working conditions and put our citizens at risk.” explained Spacek.

Tom Laughren, Mayor of Timmins will be First Vice President of FONOM for the 2012-2013 year and Danny Whelan from Timiskaming Shores will be the Second Vice President.

Mayor Spacek expressed the group’s willingness to work with the Provincial Government to ensure the Ontario Northland Transportation is file is dealt with in such a way as to not hurt Northerners. “We are happy to share our thoughts on how important we feel the ONTC is to the North. However, we are concerned that there seems to be no structured plan in place to address the many details required in such a major endeavor.” Spacek stated “we will ask for a meeting with the Minister of Transportation to discuss this matter of great importance to Northerners and Northern businesses and industries”.

Recent proposals from the Province Government concerning the Application of Global Adjustment Allocation to Medium-Sized Customers in Northern Ontario and the Consolidation of Local Distribution Utilities to be Voluntary are topics for discussion with the Minister of Energy. “We need to ensure that the Minister is made aware of the major negative impact these proposals could have on business and industry in Northern Ontario” noted Whelan.

President Spacek indicated that the AMO conference in August will be jam packed with important delegations. “The interests of Northerners must be fully and frankly represented” he said. “We want to meet with the Ministers of Transportation, Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Energy to make the North’s views known to Provincial Cabinet”.

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Alan Spacek, President, FONOM


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