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FONOM Congratulates the Liberal Party of Canada on its Majority Win

Date published: 
Monday, October 26, 2015



The Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities (FONOM) congratulates Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada on their majority win on election night.


During the 78 day campaign, the federal Liberal party made several commitments that aim to build and sustain strong communities across the country through investments into infrastructure, housing and transit.


Recognizing the need for stable and long-term predictability in funding, the Liberals committed to invest nearly $125 billion in federal infrastructure over ten years. This commitment includes investments into local water and wastewater, climate change resilient infrastructure and clean energy, as well as investments in affordable housing, public transit and innovation through the use of clean technologies in the natural resources sector.


Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau also pledged to automatically transfer any uncommitted federal infrastructure dollars to municipalities through an increase to the Gas Tax Fund. “Having a willing federal partner is vital to ensuring that the mounting infrastructure deficit facing municipalities is addressed,” says Mayor of Kapuskasing, Alan Spacek and FONOM President.


FONOM is encouraged by the renewed relationship between the Province of Ontario and the Federal government and hopes that a majority at both the levels of government will produce a constructive and cooperative environment that will assist in moving important initiatives forward in Northern Ontario.


Ridings in Northeastern Ontario saw four Liberal candidates elected as Members of Parliament (MPs) on October 19th which FONOM hopes will ensure a strong Northern Ontario voice in Ottawa. “We look forward to working with the Northern Ontario Liberal MPs and seeing election promises that will benefit municipalities fulfilled,” said Spacek.





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President of FONOM

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